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Can't You See

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Can’t You See
By John Matthews

Verse 1
I’m sitting here on this bar stool.
It’s ten O’ Clock and she hasn’t shown.
I keep on drinking to past the time now.
I don’t think she’s gonna show.
Can’t you see now, Can’t you see now
Another woman has let me down
Can’t you see now, Can’t you see
Why can’t I turn my life around?
Verse 2
I sit and think why hasn’t she shown.
Did I do something wrong?
Maybe, that’s why I wrote this song.
Verse 3
“It’s two O’clock and we’re closing.
I’m really sorry she didn’t show up.”
The bartender says to me
“Please take a Taxi.
I don’t want you driving.
You had too much to drink tonight.”
Chorus (fade out)